Foundations of Interaction Design: DESIGN 383

University of Washington

July 2014 – August 2014

This design project was a half of quarter long where the task was to create design solutions to the Seattle bus system.

We assembled into a group of three. We researched using observations, surveys, and interviews. From this research, our key findings from our research themed our project goal in our design process, which was to provide comfort to bus riders by creating convenient solutions. The design process continued with steps including: quick ideation and sketching, grouping and expanding of ideas,  storyboarding, wireframing, early designing., and presenting. The project was created in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. (Note: this was this first experience our group members ever had in these platforms) My role was mostly designing. I created presentation template/layout in InDesign and the wireframes/ early designs in Illustrator.

PDF version of the presentation of project’s process is linked here.

Comfort through Convenience