Special Topics, Mobile App Design: INFO 498

University of Washington

January 7th 2015 – January 17th 2015

With 10 hours total split into 4 days, we were assigned to create a design language to propose to the class. This design language with the most votes will be used for the rest of the quarter for our class’s overall project. The approach used in the course is an Agile approach with quick, short design processes. Our group had no inspiration to begin with, so we decided to do research.

We researched what design language is, what does design language consist of, and what different types of design languages are currently out there. From that, we began to discuss what each of us likes and dislikes about all the examples we discovered. Currently, we are working on creating a design document to present our ideas and fine tune the details.

Our main concept is Less is More: Don’t Show More Than You Need To. We want to keep users on their home screen. To do so, we will put everything they want to see when they go to their phone: their notifications. We also want these notifications to be viewed in a Card Stacking manner. All content that isn’t needed immediately is tucked away, but still very easily accessible.

Our teacher, Brian Fling, specifically told our group that our concept was very realistic and marketable. And, in his opinion was the best concept in the course.

Here is our Design Brief: Sprint 1

Here is our presentation: Ev_Presentation

Design Language Sprint