Project Management: HCDE 303

University of Washington

April 2014 – June 2014

During this course in Spring Quarter, I had paired up with a partner where we went through a project management stimulation.

While I was the project manager in the stimulation, I created schedules using an Agile approach to prepare for whatever unexpected scenarios would come my way. The schedule expanded the course of 4 weeks, and I provided a day each week for a buffer incase anything went wrong, or if the team fell behind schedule, or to use as testing. Back-up plans and additional tasks were included in the schedule to prepare for the team being either ahead or behind schedule. The professor provided surprise scenarios along the process, which required constant updating and reorganizing of the schedule to still meet the end goal.

Tight communication was of great importance with the team, the instructor, and the audience. I exhibited great communication with my partner who represented the development team lead with frequent exchanges of messages via email and documents on a Google Drive. Weekly progress reports were also submitted to the instructor, which was a good way on reflecting on the process and putting it into written form. The project entailed two presentations: one to kick-off the project and another as a wrap-up and reflection, which involved engagement of my peers as an audience.


Documents of the Process

Initial Phase


First Phase

  • Given Scenario:

    The last project your company did was to create some financial reports for a local company. Unfortunately, that company got a visit from the IRS to have their books audited. When the IRS found out about your company’s work, they called up and said to freeze all the code (i.e. stop working on every project your company is currently involved in or else face criminal charges) until they can come in and review it. While your company didn’t do anything wrong, it took 3 days for your company’s accountants and lawyers to sort it all out and you could get back to work. Net project effect, each person on your dev team lost 3 days of project work.”

  • Task Schedule 2


Second Phase


Final Phase

  • Given Scenario:

    “This morning, you were met by the police when you showed up to the office. You saw your whole dev team standing outside under the watchful eye of several Sheriff’s deputies. The only thing that the police officer would say is that you’re not allowed inside until the detective arrives and you need to wait with your team. After what seems like an eternity, a plainclothes detective arrives and asks which one of you put the “inappropriate” pictures on the FabricLand website? You look at each other and shrug. It wasn’t anyone on your team. Apparently, the local police got a call from the authorities in England, who received a complaint from Mildred Maywether. Mildred claims she nearly died of a heart attack when she saw some “unspeakably pornographic” images on the FabricLand website. The British authorities called the web hosting company to take down the site, and then called the local police to confiscate your servers and laptops as evidence and for forensic analysis. What do you do?”

  • 2-Minute Wrap Up Presentation
  • Final Reflection




Project Management