QManager Mobile Application

Mobile Queue Technologies

August 2014 – June 2015

This was a half-year long project for http://www.QuickQueues.com, which involved weekly check-ups and submissions of design ideas along with presentations.  I helped with redesigning the current app by manipulating the flow of the app and the information architecture, following an Agile approach. This involved quick and short design processes, which ended up turning into presentation of wireframes. These wireframes posed to be a more effective component because the changes to the app had to be done gradually, rather than a complete redesign. Additionally, I tried to implement the app’s new features. The applications I used in this process were Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Powerpoint.

I will now soon carry on the task of helping to improve the company’s website.


Parent App UX Work


This app was the parent end of a system that organized and tracked the signing in and out of children when they arrive and leave school. The target audience are private school students’ parents.


How the App Looked Prior to My Internship:



First Submission:

The first stab I had with the app was an attempt to completely redesign the app. After receiving feedback from this submission, I realized that the changes I made is to large of a change for the company that wanted to work on making UX improvements immediately.

See the submission here – QManager App


Second Submission:

This submission involved working on a greater incorporation of the map aspect of the app.

See the presentation here – Map Ideation Presentation


Third Submission:

This week’s work involved the involvement of social media and a few ideas regarding their rebranding.

See the presentation here – Social Media Integration Presentation


Fourth Submission:

User Feedback and a messaging system were the suggested features to be implemented for this week.

See the presentation here – Feedback and Messaging Presentation


Fifth Submission:

This presentation implemented multiple design ideas regarding the preferred user feedback form from the previous submission, the flow of the signature page, and some other additional ideas.

See the presentation here – Signature with Features Presentation

QManager App UX Redesign