Usability Research Techniques: HCDE 417

University of Washington

September 2014 – December 2014

In this course, we assembled a team of 5 members, including myself, named UXCORP. As a team, we planned a usability study on Seattle Police Department’s Community Online Reporting Program. This project consisted of multiple stages listed below, along with weekly updates submitted to the teacher. Throughout the project frequent communication was needed, which was done via emails and a Facebook group.


Stage One: The Project Proposal

In this stage, we established our project goals, target user population, key tasks, key usability questions, and a plan to handle accessibility issues.

The submitted deliverable can be viewed here – Preliminary Proposal


Stage Two: The Usability Test Plan

The plan for the usability test study was drafted and revised. The resulting deliverable included descriptions of the study’s purpose, research questions, participant profiles, method, task lists, test environment, equipment, logistics, facilitation approach, what data will be collected, and how the results will be reported.

The submitted deliverable can be viewed here – Test Plan



Stage Three: The Usability Test Kit

These items are all the physical documents needed for the testing session. The documents within are divided by the different roles each person will take on during the study.

The submitted deliverable can be viewed here – Test Kit



Stage Four: The Final Report

The final report was put together after the usability studies were conducted, the data was analyzed, and possible solutions were formed. This document gives an overall summary of the whole process and study.

The submitted deliverable can be viewed here – Final Report



Stage Five: The Final Presentation

A final seven-minute presentation was given to the class about our results. We were to present an even briefer summary of the study and highlights of our findings and recommendations. Despite a technical difficulty during the presentation, the team was able to successfully give a concise and informative presentation that was within the time limit. We also had a successful Q&A session and the end of the presentation.

Although there was no recording of the presentation, the presentation slides can be viewed here – Final Presentation


Usability Study of CORP