User Experience Design: HCDE 418

University of Washington

January 2015 – March 2015

The Final Product

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The Process

We have been a assigned into a group of four for this project. We are currently in the project proposal and research stage. We have proposed to create an “eco”-system that helps individuals track their “green” actions via financial purchases. The individuals would be rewarded for performing “green” actions through online rankings and competition with the community/people they know and a point system that gives them coupons or other tangible rewards for reaching certain milestones.

1. Web Research

We started off our design process with some web research. Each team member did their own, finding articles to give us further background information about the topic.

See my web research here: Web Research

Through our web and competitive research, we came across a mobile app company that created the exact same idea that we created. We met and decided to re-brainstorm for new ideas.

2. New Topic

One of the group members suggested to take one of the ideas he made in the past during a hackathon that didn’t develop. Our new idea is to create a website and mobile app duo system where seasonal interns or new hires are able to connect with each other to set up temporary housing together.

3. Personas

After re-doing our research due to our change of topic, we created personas to further understand the target users we will be designing for. We came up with two, Nathan and Caryn. Defining their needs and characteristics with some infinity diagramming.

See the persona process here: Personas

4. Persona Expectations and Scenarios

Following the creation of the personas, we went dove deeper into the world of the personas by analyzing and determining their expectations in the product. We also individually created scenarios of how our product will intertwine in the lives of our personas.

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